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Student – Technology

Student – Technology

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Interested in being a GIS data analysis?

Watch the video of Jill Miller talk to us about being the product owner for GIS Data and Insights for Chevron. Listen as she shares how important geography is to her job.

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Voices from the Field

Ashok Wadwani, Founder and President, Applied Field Data Systems
Caitlin Kontgis, Applied Scientist Lead (Solutions), Descartes Labs
Camelia Kantor, Vice President of Academic Affairs, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF)
Carlos Saavedra, Retired, Volunteer at Puerto Rico Rises, Dallas GiveCamp and Boy Scouts of America
Carmen Leedham, Senior GIS Analyst
Chaz Olloqui, GIS Specialist
Cristi Delgado, GISP, Enterprise GIS & Open Data Coordinator, City of Berkeley, California
Daniel McGlone, Senior GIS Analyst and Cicero Data Manager, Azavea
Hope Morgan, GIS Manager, North Carolina Geospatial & Technology Management Office within NC Emergency Management
Hsiao-Chien Shih, Data Scientist
Joseph Kerski, Education Manager, Esri
Keaton Shennan, GIS Web Developer at WSB Engineering
Lisa Colson, GIS & Imagery Specialist, USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service
Nicolas Saravia, GIS Consultant and Start Up Advisor
Nikolas Smilovsky, Bad Elf, LLC GIS & Mapping Solutions
Pete Chirico, Research Geographer & Associate Director of the Eastern Geology and Paleoclimate Science Center at U.S. Geological Survey
Rebecca Grover, GIS Analyst and Consultant
Richard Quodomine, Senior Lead GIS Analyst, Department of Public Property, City of Philadelphia
Sean O’Brien, GIS Analyst, U.S. Bank
Tom Paper, Managing Partner
Tracy Whelen, Geospatial Consultant and participant in the Business Insights & Analytics Leadership Development Program at Travelers Insurance
William Blomstedt, GIS Expert and Project Manager
Xiaohui Liu, Postdoctoral Intramural Research Training Awardee, National Institutes of Health

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