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Student – Environmental Matters, Conservation and Sustainability

Student – Environmental Matters, Conservation and Sustainability

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Voices from the Field

Adelle Thomas, Senior Caribbean Research Associate at Climate Analytics; Visiting Researcher, University of the Bahamas
Amanda Sankey, Environmental Consultant, Crouch Environmental Services, Inc.
Hope Morgan, GIS Manager, North Carolina Geospatial & Technology Management Office within NC Emergency Management
Hsiao-Chien Shih, Data Scientist
Joe Scarpaci, Executive Director, Center for Study of Cuban Culture & Economy
Julie Urbanik, Defense Mitigation Consultant and Executive Director of the Coordinates Society
Kate Bishop, Evaluation Consultant at Winrock International; Visiting Assistant Lecturer at University of New England, Department of Environmental Studies
Natasha Rivers, Sustainability and Measurement Director at BECU
Pete Chirico, Research Geographer & Associate Director of the Eastern Geology and Paleoclimate Science Center at U.S. Geological Survey
Tim Fullman, Senior Ecologist, The Wilderness Society


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