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Branch Banks

Branch Banks

Opening Branch Banks in San Antonio 

Main Topic: Human Geography
Secondary Topic: Places and Regions 

OverviewBanking used to be “central.” People had to go downtown to do their banking. Now banks want to bring their services to their customers. But, how many branch banks, and where should they be located? The location problem is even more complicated because of the hundreds of ATMS. You will likely interact with Real Estate sales and brokers, geospatial technology experts, marketing analysts, regional economists, economic geographers, travel behavior analysts, preference surveys and data analysis, travel behavior, mappers, cartographers, regional bankers 

Geographers at Work: Human Geographers 

Recommended College CoursesRegional Geography, Economic Geography 

Skillsgeospatial technology; real estate evaluation; mapping; business planning; customer travel behavior; competition analysis; evaluating branch banks versus ATMS.  

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Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm