Powerful Geography

Powerful Geography

New Thinking for the Next Generation of Geography Education


Geography in American education has benefited from over thirty years of reform efforts, from The Guidelines for Geographic Education (Five Themes) and Geography for Life: National Geography Standards to a state-based network of Geographic Alliances...

K-12 Education

Empowering Student’s Aspirations in College, Career, and Civic Life Powerful Geography aims to create a variety of resources for K-12 teachers across the country that can be used in geography and social studies classrooms at...

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Want to become a Powerful Geography Teacher?   You can join the ranks of teachers across the state of Texas and more that trust and believe in the power of Powerful Geography. Become a teacher...


What are people saying about Powerful Geography? Read and listen to the testimonies of teachers, educators, students, and university professors on Powerful Geography. Here is a 9th grade AP Human Geography student from Glen Rose,...

About Powerful Geography

What is Powerful Geography?

Powerful Geography is a new approach to teaching and learning about Geography. Every student in our classroom is different and no class is ever the same, yet teachers and educators continue to teach the same content and curriculum over and over again. Powerful Geography is about making geography education relevant to our students. Instead of teaching them the same facts, Powerful Geography dives deeper into the standards (curriculum) by showing the student what they can do after school with their geographic knowledge both in their personal life and as a job/career. On our Powerful Geography website we have compiled a large list of jobs that use geographic knowledge and skills one way or another. Through our PD workshops we provide the teacher with the ability to guide their students to those resources so that they can explore the opportunities available out there for them and why their geography course is so important.

PG framework Powerful Geography Framework

Lesson Plans


Powerful Geography in a Nutshell
Dr. Thomas Larsen

Powerful Geography and K-12 Teachers
Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Powerful Geography and Stakeholders
Dr. Joanna Zadrozny

Powerful Geography Research
Dr. Michael Solem

Powerful Geography and Higher Education
Dr. Thomas Larsen

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AP Human Geography students from Wakeland High School in North Dallas created this video to cap off their year of geography instruction. Participants, listed below, talk about the importance of geography and give advice to this group of enthusiastic high school geographers!

  • Dr. Derek Mudd, Program Administrator for the Texas Commission on the Arts
  • Dr. Richard G. Boehm, Coordinator of the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education
  • Dr. Amy Lobben, President of the American Association of Geographers
  • David Palmer, AMSCO AP Human Geography Senior Consultant
  • Dan Hunter, Texas Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture