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Community Garden Coordinator

Community Garden Coordinator

Community Garden Coordinator


Main Topic: Environment and Society
Secondary Topic: Physical Geography, Places and Regions, Human Geography 

OverviewCommunity Garden Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a list of gardeners with all the contact information and their specific roles within the gardenassigning plots,  maintaining wait list for garden plots collecting annual dues for plots, organizing and scheduling the work time and days, public outreach and promotionensuring the garden is maintained and operated according to the properly agreement. The important geographical knowledge for this job includes cultural ecology (the ways in which humans interact with their cultural and natural environment), zoning, environmental features, and working with both private and governmental organizations. Human geography provides community garden coordinator with the knowledge of socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the neighborhoods (for outreach, promotion, fundraising, and location analysis). Physical geography provides knowledge related to the gardening – soils, moisture, temperature and incoming solar radiation for a specific area. 

Geographers at Work: Physical Geographers 

Recommended College Courses: Physical Geography, Environmental Management, Regional Geography 

Skills: Human-environmental interactions, soil analysis, weather and climate, location analysis, working with census data, real estate market analysis (because community gardens typically occupy the vacant land). 

Occupation Group: Community and Social Services & Farming, Fishing and Forestry

Learn more about Organic Farming from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S.  Department of Labor: https://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2010/fall/art01.pdf

Written by Daria Andrievskikh