Powerful Geography
Uber/Lyft Driver

Uber/Lyft Driver

Uber/Lyft Driver


Main Topic: Places and Regions
Secondary Topic: Human Geography 

Overview: There is a lot of geography in the personal transportation business. You need to know where the popular destinations are. You need to be able to operate the navigation systems of your automobile/phone. Locating your home based in the Central Business District or in a popular entertainment venue ca be advantageous. Knowing a lot about “neighborhoods” will help you weave safety into your job and help to provide safety for your passengers. Drivers, dispatchers, operating systems monitors and service employees, urban transportation guideline monitors, traffic control personnel.  

Geographers at Work: Human Geographers 

Recommended College Courses: Human Geography, Regional Geography 

Skills: geospatial technology; cultural analysis of neighborhoods; urban structure analysis; public transport system analysis.  

Occupation Group: Transportation and Material Moving

Learn more about becoming a Taxi-Driver from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Department of Labor:

Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm