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Student – Government, Law and Criminal Justice System

Student – Government, Law and Criminal Justice System

Interested in Government, Law and Criminal Justice System


Voices from the Field

Carlos Saavedra, Retired, Volunteer at Puerto Rico Rises, Dallas GiveCamp and Boy Scouts of America
Chaz Olloqui, GIS Specialist
Daniel McGlone, Senior GIS Analyst and Cicero Data Manager, Azavea
Darryl Cohen, Geographer, Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau
Julie Urbanik, Defense Mitigation Consultant and Executive Director of the Coordinates Society
Kate Bishop, Evaluation Consultant at Winrock International; Visiting Assistant Lecturer at University of New England, Department of Environmental Studies
Richard Quodomine, Senior Lead GIS Analyst, Department of Public Property, City of Philadelphia
Suparna Das, Branch Chief Supervisory Statistician at the Treatment Services Branch, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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