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Geodesy and Geophysical Modeler

Geodesy and Geophysical Modeler

Geodesy and Geophysical Modeler


Main Topic: Physical Geography
Secondary Topic: Geographic Information Science, Geology

Overview:  Geodesy and Geophysical Modelers use numerical modeling techniques constrained by gravity change, crustal deformation, high-resolution topography and other data to advance understanding of the mechanics of tectonic plate boundary zones, earthquake source processes, crust-mantle rheological structure, and geosphere-cryosphere interactions. They use data from a number of NASA missions including GRACE & GRACE-FO, ICESat-1, 2, GEDI, and SRTM. The following are examples of geological and hydrologic technicians job titles:

Mars Geology and Tectonics researcher: Geology and Tectonics specialists at NASA work with the data returned by Mars orbiter and Mars Rover missions. The areas the researcher has to indulge with are the geology, geomorphology, rock distribution and landscape development of the sites, the physical characteristics of the surface from remotely sensed data, the selection of landing sites for Mars Landers and Rovers, the geologic setting of layered sedimentary deposits and tectonics of structural features.

Geodesy and Geophysical Modelers conduct research to advance the Earth Science Designated Observable studies of Surface Deformation and Change and Mass Changes on planetary surface. They also use targeted orbital remote sensing data to understand how the surfaces relate to remote sensing data.

Geographers at work:  Physical geographers, G. I. Scientists, Geologist

Recommended College Courses: Physical geography, Geology, G. I. Science

Skills: Remote Sensing, Geology, Tectonics.

Occupation Group: Life, Physical and Social Science

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Written by Binay Thapa