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Planetary GIS Data Specialist

Planetary GIS Data Specialist

Planetary GIS Data Specialist


Main Topic: Physical Geography
Secondary Topic: Geographic Information Science

Overview: GIS Data Specialists (GDS) have GIS expertise in data development and integration, mapping, GIS and GPS training. GDS work to provide accurate and cost-effective GIS data services to a wide range of geospatial/geographic data users and entities. GDS use specialized software to create and interpret geographic data, analyze and update data maps and graphs and maintain geospatial database including surveys, census reports, graphical visualizations and other relevant information. Building the geographic data product and helping others use the product efficiently are the major responsibilities of a GIS Data Specialist. The following are examples of Planetary GIS Data Specialists job titles:

Planetary GIS Data Specialist: The Planetary GIS Data Specialist are the key contributors to the development of geographic databases. They work on the fundamental cartographic databases that forms the basis for all maps produced by cartographers. Planetary GIS Data Specialist’s scope of work include producing “research ready” cartographic and geospatial data for various projects for NASA. This scope entails coordinating with the GIS team members and supervisors to define data processing strategy for a specific project and put the strategy into practice. In NASA Planetary GIS Data Specialists also study the geophysical details and terrain features of objects and planets in the space.

Geographers at work:  Physical geographers, Geographic Information Scientists, Human Geographers, Cartographers.

Recommended College Courses: Physical geography, Geographic Information Science, Cartography, Human Geography.

Skills:  Understanding of geographic computer applications and tools such as GIS, interpreting and manipulating massive amounts of data to determine the most likely outcomes, mathematics and statistical skills, geographic information systems, spatial skills and thinking and interpretation, computer and database systems, satellite imaging, analysis and interpretation, cartographic skills.

Occupation Group: Life, Physical and Social Science

Learn more about GIS Data Specialist from: https://astrobiology.nasa.gov/careers-employment/planetary-gis-data-specialist-at-seti/

Written by Binay Thapa