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Student Resources

Student Resources

These resources are continually being updated. Check back frequently to see what is new!

Medical/Health Care/Nursing
Environmental Matters
Education (Teacher, School Administration, Counselor)
Real Estate/Sales & Mapping/Zoning
Transportation Planning (Highways, Urban Transit)
Commercial Planning/Construction (Shopping Centers, Entertainment)
Housing/Urban Development
Work in Restaurants/Hospitality/Food and Beverage
Military (Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard)
First Responders (Firefighter, Police, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT))
Technology (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon)
Social Work
The Arts (Theatre/Acting, Dance, Music, Writing)
Space (NASA, Aerospace)
Engineering (Environmental, Mechanical, Chemical, etc.)
Fashion Industry
Marketing and Advertising
Government (Representative, Governor, CIA, FBI, etc.)