Powerful Geography




Main Topic: Human Geography
Secondary Topic: Places and Regions

Overview: Fundraisers organize events and campaigns to raise money or other donations. They also create promotional material to increase awareness of an organization. Fundraisers will need to research donors, identify donors, organize campaigns, maintain records, evaluate the success of their fundraising, and ensure legal reporting. They may organize annual campaigns, capital campaigns to renovate buildings, major-gifts fundraisers for face-to-face interactions, or planned-giving fundraisers to solicit large donations. They will need to be familiar with the laws surrounding charity. They may specialize in political campaigns or fundraising for international organizations.

Geographers who specialize in human, business, legal, or political geography would work well as fundraiser. Their expertise in qualitative research would help organize, plan, and connect with donors for fundraising events. This field is expected to grow in the next decade with nonprofit organizations’ need for social media presence.

Geographers at work: Human geographers, Business geographers, Political geographers, Legal geographers

Recommended College Courses: Introduction to Cultural Geography, World Geography, Economic Geography, Political Geography, World Population, American Ethnic Geography

Skills: Qualitative methods, Field methods, Local geography

Occupation Group: Business and Financial

Learn more about Fundraisers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Department of Labor: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/business-and-financial/fundraisers.htm

Written by Alisa Hartsell