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Liaison (Country or Regional)

Liaison (Country or Regional)

Country or Regional Liaison


Main Topic: Politics and International Relations
Secondary Topic: Human Geography

Overview:  Country or Regional Liaisons serve as a link between their employer and members of the global community, usually a country or a region of the world. They are responsible for cultivating long-term relationships, conducting site visits, monitoring, evaluating partner programs and accountability, researching applicable global events, and recruiting new partners to work with. Liaisons must exhibit exceptional interpersonal communication, a strong cultural knowledge of the place they are working with, and excellent organizational skills. A strong understanding of issues that exist globally is of utmost importance in this profession as no entity wants to publicly be working with regions or countries committing atrocities simultaneously.

Geographers at work: Political Geographers, Human Geographers, Cultural Geographers

Recommended College Courses:  World Geography, International Relations, Regional Geography, Cultural Geography, Political Geography, International Security

Skills: Political geography, human and cultural geography

Occupation Group: Government, Private, or Non-Profit

Written by Matt Ruiz