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Geomatics Plan Technician

Geomatics Plan Technician

Geomatics Plan Technician


Main Topic: Places and Regions
Secondary Topic: Physical Geography 

Overview: Those who become geomatics plan technicians are typically individuals with a natural aptitude and interest in computers and computer-aided design (CAD). They also tend to have a methodical approach to finding solutions for technical problems. Geomatics plan technicians are responsible for using specialized computer software (such as AutoCAD Land Desktop) to produce legal and engineering survey drawings, GIS themes, maps, digital terrain models, cross sections and horizontal alignments from manual and digital field notes. They work closely with geographic information systems project managers in order to support fulfillment of internal and external survey data management and mapping systems and services. Some duties include: Generate legal and engineering survey products using computer aided design techniques and geographic information systems (GIS) toolsUse GIS to assist in data management, manipulation and analysisBased on data analysis, prepare business theme layers and thematic mapsTroubleshoot data issues and locate the source of errors in order to correctEnsure client satisfaction with regards to external projectsGather, manage, translate and maintain complex survey and geographic digital data setsFollow and implement pre-defined data models and GIS data structures. 

Geographers at work: Geographic Information System Specialists, Physical Geographers 

Recommended College Courses: Physical Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Environmental Management, Quantitative Methods 

Skills: Geographic Information Systems, Computer Aided Design, Quantitative Methods, Data Management 

Occupation Group: Computer and Information Technology

Learn more about Geomatics Plan Technicians here: https://www.academicinvest.com/science-careers/geography-careers/how-to-become-a-geomatics-plan-technician

Written by Christopher Hinojosa