Land Agent

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Overview: If you're interested in a career with a lot of responsibility, a career in which you get to utilize your negotiation skills, and a career involving finding new opportunities to conduct real estate related business, then you might be well suited for this field. Land agents are responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of land for rights of way for commercial and industrial purposes, such as developing well sites, pipelines, power lines, coal mines, roadways and other similar uses. Some duties may include: May provide testimony before regulatory boards. Identify and evaluate property disposition and acquisition opportunities. Act as public affairs liaison in communities on behalf of their employer. Prepare reports. Coordinate land reclamation activities. Negotiate agreements related to road use. Assess and settle any damages. Maintain the land inventory of the employing municipality. Respond to provincial/state and federal agencies' referrals regarding mine permits, government tenures and foreshore leases. Assess wildlife protection, hazardous waste disposal and related environmental controls written into agreements. Acquire freehold surface mineral leases and easement agreements. In order to become a land agent, you may need to obtain a license depending on the province or state you plan to operate within. Contact your provincial or state real estate board to find out more information regarding licensure and applicable programs.

Geographers at work: Physical Geographers, Human Geographers, Environmental Geographers

Skills: Communications, Environmental Management


Written by Christopher Hinojosa