European River Cruise Manager

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Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: Europe's many rivers and their related vivid history combine to create a tourist's dream. Envision the Danube or the Rhine, with beautiful scenery dotted with thousand-year old castles and modern river ports with charming and historic ports of interest. The Viking River Cruise program is perhaps the most visible and the largest, but there are hundreds of smaller cruise companies and they are always in need of geographers who know about features, history, and local interest stories.

The European river cruise industry is large and there is a constant need for researchers and planners to upgrade tour services and consumer satisfaction. These are good jobs if you feel like you would be interested in working for a bit in the European Union. There is really nothing like this in the U.S. with the exception of the Mississippi River, with dozens of cruise opportunities.

Geographers at work: Cruise managers (planners) need a strong background in European geography and history. They also need to understand financial planning and creative tour costs and opportunities for cruise customers.

Skills: Research, public relations, some language skills, and creative financial planning skills.