Environmental Policy Officer

Overview: Environmental policy officers work with land developers, commercial organizations, government agencies and community groups in order to provide expert advice concerning environmental conservation. They contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of their employer's environmental policies. Some typical job opportunities include: Develop systems and offer advice relating to reducing the impact that mining, land development and other agricultural, industrial and commercial activities have on the environment; Develop and implement best practices, policies and procedures; Work with a range of professionals to help businesses follow sustainable environmental practices that balance their needs with those of the ecosystems in which they operate; Provide advice to government and industries on how to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions; May asses and rehabilitate areas affected by logging, mining, construction and degradation; May analyze pollution in order to identify its sources, assess the effects and recommend methods for control and prevention.

Geographers at work: Physical Geographers, Sustainability Geographers, Environmental Geographers, Human Geographers, Economic Geographers

Skills: quantitative methods, environmental policy, physical geography, human geography


Written by Christopher Hinojosa