Community Resilience and Mitigation Planner

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Overview: Community Resilience and Mitigation Planner will contribute to the development of a variety of community and regional resilience planning work including but not limited to comprehensive plans, mitigation plans, master plans, strategic plans, resiliency plans, implementation plans, economic revitalization plans, disaster recovery plans, district and neighborhood plans, redevelopment plans, highest and best use plans, visual planning techniques and market analysis. The individual will work in a team environment with staff members from various disciplines and will be responsible for performing a range of planning functions. Job responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following: Collecting and analyzing and synthesizing data related to economic development, hazards and vulnerabilities, community development, resilience, housing, environmental and natural resources, demographics, infrastructure, and land use planning; Technical writing for sections of reports, planning documents and other related documents; Developing strategic actions and implementation steps; Assist in the implementation of a plan's goals, objectives, policies, strategies and projects through identifying and securing public funding from regional, state and federal funding opportunities; Assist and lead public engagement meetings and stakeholder interviews. Participate in public speaking engagements; Work with a wide variety of stakeholders like elected officials, public policy makers, administrative staff, planning commissions members and authority members; Although the selected candidate will work on team, the candidate will required some independent work and need to be able to function in that environment.

Geographers at work: Environmental Geographers, Hazards Geographers, Economic Geographers, Physical/Human Geographers

Skills: Geographic Information Science, Environmental Management


Written by Christopher Hinojosa