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Powerful Geography is a new approach to teaching and learning about Geography. Every student in our classroom is different and no class is ever the same, yet teachers and educators continue to teach the same content and curriculum over and over again. Powerful Geography is about making geography education relevant to our students. Instead of teaching them the same facts, Powerful Geography dives deeper into the standards (curriculum) by showing the student what they can do after school with their geographic knowledge both in their personal life and as a job/career. On our Powerful Geography website we have compiled a large list of jobs that use geographic knowledge and skills one way or another. Through our PD workshops we provide the teacher with the ability to guide their students to those resources so that they can explore the opportunities available out there for them and why their geography course is so important.

A new way to think about teaching Geography!


PG framework
Powerful Geography Framework - Four Content Domains

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Geography that ...

... Teachers Need,

Through extensive research, Powerful Geography will identify the geography that teachers need to understand and teach effectively.

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... Students Want,

All students deserve a geography education that enables them to pursue their personal ambitions and participate in debates about critical issues affecting society and the environment.

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... and Society Depends On

Powerful Geography will promote among the public and key stakeholders a greater appreciation of geography education by illustrating the many ways geography develops human capability and prepares the future workforce.

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