Solar Placement/Technician

environement - physical

Overview: As solar energy becomes more and more important, there will be jobs for geographers at several levels. First, one must understand climate, weather, and the nature of solar energy, who gets it and how much. Then there is the question of installation, both at the residential and industrial levels. Local, state, and federal agencies will be concerned, and, for the most part, supportive offering tax credits as citizens move away from fossil fuels that appear to be aggravating recent climate change. We will need mapping specialists and technicians.

Geographers at Work: Jobs will be available in private businesses and in the government where permits and guidelines will need to be applied. We know how to develop solar energy; we just need geographers and others to tell us where and how.

Skills: Understanding of the nature and extent of climatic and weather factors. Climate change and fossil fuels – the need for change, for a cleaner energy packet. Geospatial mapping and analysis. Municipal, state, and federal guidelines on alternative energy source and methods.