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Sales – Job Summaries

Sales – Job Summaries


Workers in this group sell goods and services or connect buyers with sellers in a specific market, such as real estate or securities.

Overall employment in sales occupations is projected to show little or no change from 2021 to 2031; this limited change is expected to result in a decrease of about 164,500 jobs over the decade. Nonetheless, opportunities arise from the need to replace workers who leave their occupations permanently. About 1.9 million openings each year, on average, are projected to come from replacement needs.

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2022).


Land Agent

Land agents are responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of land for rights of way for commercial and industrial purposes.

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Real Estate Sales & Mapping/Zoning

Real Estate Agent

Real estate brokers and sales agents help clients buy, sell, and rent properties.

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man and woman colloborating


Models pose for artists, photographers, and other clients to help advertise products.

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Sales: Outdoor Equipment

Retail sales workers help customers find products they want and process customers’ payments.

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Sales Representative: Wholesale and Manufacturing

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations.

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Travel Agent

Travel agents sell transportation, lodging, and entertainment activities to individuals and groups planning trips.

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