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Fire Inspectors

Fire Inspectors

Fire Inspectors

Main Topic: Environment and Society
Secondary Topic: Physical Geography

Overview: Fire inspectors and investigators search for fire hazards ensuring fire codes are met and determine the origin or causes of fires. A specialization in this field is forest fire inspectors who specialize in outdoor fire hazards for public and residential areas. Most fire inspectors and investigators work for government agencies at all levels. Fire inspectors typically determine fire hazards, ensure code compliance, test fire protection equipment, review building plans, and conduct fire or safety education programs. Fire inspectors analyze evidence from scenes of fires, document evidence by taking photographs or creating diagrams, testify in civil or criminal legal proceedings, analyze information with other experts, and keep detailed records of fires. For forest fire inspectors and prevention specialist, their focus is outdoor fire hazards including looking for conditions that pose wildfire risks. Fire inspectors and investigators work in all areas from residential, commercial, and public settings.

Geographers at work:  Physical Geographers, Environmental Geographers, Ecologist

Recommended College Courses: Introduction to Physical Geography, Environmental Management, Natural Resource Use and Management, Regional Field Studies, Parks and Protected Places, Environmental Hazards,

Skills: Quantitative Methods, Environmental Mapping, Environmental Modeling, Field Methods, landscape analysis, location analysis

Occupation Group: Protective Service

Learn more about Fire Inspectors from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Department of Labor: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/protective-service/fire-inspectors-and-investigators.htm


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Written by Alisa Hartsell