Powerful Geography



Main Topic: Human Geography
Secondary Topic: Environment and Society

Overview: Receptionists perform administrative tasks in several different types of businesses and are usually the first point of contact between the customer and place of business. Their duties typically include greeting customers, answering and screening telephone calls, taking down messages, schedule appointments and managing calendars, and maintaining databases of customer information. Some receptionists work in medical offices and might be responsible for handling insurance and billing customers for services. As they can work in several different settings and for different businesses, receptionists may interact with individuals and families from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. So, while customer service may seem like an obvious skill they should possess, a background in human geography would only enhance these skills in their ability to communicate with customers in a professional and appropriate manner.

Geographers at work: Business Geographers, Human Geographers

Recommended College Courses: Introduction to Cultural Geography, Business Geography, Research Methods in Geography

Skills: Customer Service, Organization Skills, Communication, Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Occupation Group: Office and Administrative Support


Learn more about Receptionists from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/office-and-administrative-support/receptionists.htm

Written by Ally Schlandt