Powerful Geography



Main Topic: Human Geography
Secondary Topic: Places and Regions 

Overview:  A journalist’s job is to collect information about a topic, write an article about that topic and present the news about it in a fair and balanced way. They often report on current events globally and locally as well as write opinion pieces to inform the public. Journalists need to be natural storytellers who are able to look at current events and topics in a variety of contexts. Geographers would be able to provide a broader prospective to journalism by applying their knowledge of people, places and regions and how these are linked through global processes.  

Geographers at work: Human Geographers 

Recommended College Courses: Regional Geography, World Geography, Cultural Geography, Qualitative Methods  

Skills: Human geography, cultural geography, data analysis, interpersonal skills, writing and communication skills. 

Occupation Group: Media and Communication

Learn more about Journalist from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Department of Labor:

Written by Kaleigh Shuler