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Statistical Analyst

Statistical Analyst

Statistical Analyst 

Main Topic: Physical Geography
Secondary Topic: Human Geography 

Overview: Statistical Analysts develop and apply predictive models on behalf of retail chains, restaurants, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and other clients. Some duties include: Developing statistical models that are grounded in solid principles of consumer behavior and retail geography. Deriving insights and building solutions using a variety of data sources. Soliciting input from project stakeholders. Effectively communicating results with technical and non-technical audiences. Organizing workflows and data clearly and consistently with thorough documentation. Managing multiple projects of varying complexity while balancing priorities and timelines. Demonstratcomfort working with regression analysis and other analytical techniques in statistical software programs, and in encoding those models in other environments. Experience using AlteryxCensus dataRelational databases/SQL, and GIS/mapping platforms is a plus. 

Geographers at work: Economic Geographers, Human Geographers 

Recommended College Courses: Physical Geography, Quantitative Methods, Human Geography, Qualitative Methods 

Skills: Statistical and Computer Programming, GIS, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods 

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Written by Christopher Hinojosa