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Food delivery management in China

Food delivery management in China

Food delivery management in China  

Main Topic: Human Geography
Secondary Topic: Places and Regions 

Overview: There are more than 4 million food delivery men/women in China. Unlike Uber Eats where they drive a car, delivery men/women in China ride electric bikes to do their work, which is very dangerous especially when riders dash to their deliveries and obey the traffic rules. Both related laws and regulations and the assignment mechanism of the online delivery platform need to be improved to increasing the safety and reduce workload. For the government, improving some traffic laws and regulations, optimizing the road planning like setting a special road for bike-riding delivery, for the online delivery platform, improving the assignment mechanism based on locations, planning more delivery stops for relaxing and standing by. 

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Recommended College Courses: Regional Geography, World Geography, Qualitative Methods, Geographic Information Systems, Cultural Geography 

Skillsmanagement, law, programming, geovisualization, social work. 

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