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Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analyst

Main Topic: Government and Politics
Secondary Topic: Human Geography


Overview:  Intelligence analysts are vital to the success of organizations in the private, public, and governmental sectors. Intelligence analysts gather, analyze, and interpret geographic information available to them. Intelligence involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of geographic information that is used to draw the conclusions needed to make assessments for policy makers in support of future planning. The goal of intelligence analysts is to identify challenges, threats, and opportunities to form well-reasoned judgments in order to advise decision makers in a given setting so that they are better equipped to respond.

Geographers at work:  Political Geographers, Human Geographers

Recommended College Courses:  World Geography, International Relations, Regional Geography, Cultural Geography, Political Geography

Skills:  Political geography, globalization and its impact, human and cultural geography.

Occupation Group: Government


Written by Matt Ruiz