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Food Service Managers

Food Service Managers

Food Service Managers

Main Topic: Human Geography
Secondary Topic: Environment and Society

Overview: Food service managers oversee the daily operations of businesses that serve food and drinks, from sit-down restaurants, bars, fast-food establishments, bakeries and cafes, and even schools and hotels. In tandem with daily operations, they also oversee employees, create and manage budgets and schedules, and work with chefs to create menu items. While the aforementioned are the “behind the scenes” duties that managers do, they are also the go-to person when customers are dissatisfied with their experience or meal and address other complaints that may be received.

A general background of geography would assist managers in their jobs, from knowing what produce is in season at any point in the year, to understanding how their absolute location impacts the number of customers they should expect to visit, if their customer base is mainly local residents or tourists, or what time of year they might get the most business. An understanding of different cultures and regions of the United States and the world would also benefit managers when interacting with customers, especially if the business specializes in an international type of cuisine, or addressing any complaints they may have.

Geographers at work: Human geographers, food geographers, social geographers, business geographers

Recommended College Courses:  Human geography, World Geography, Location Analysis, Geography of Food and Agriculture

Skills: Human geography, cultural geography, communication skills, management skills

Occupation Group: Management AND Food Preparation and Serving


Learn more about Food Service Managers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/management/food-service-managers.htm

Written by Ally Schlandt