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Athletes and Sports Competitors

Athletes and Sports Competitors

Athletes and Sports Competitors

Main Topic: Human Geography
Secondary Topic: Places and Regions

Overview:  Athletes play sports professionally for a living. They can play in teams sports such as American football, baseball, softball, or soccer; or they can compete in individual sports such as swimming, gymnastics, archery, or fencing, amongst many others. Sports in their entirety are extremely influenced by geography. Some sports are very much engrained into the culture of some countries, such as Cricket in India, Rugby in Australia and New Zealand, or soccer (football) in Europe and South America. There is even regional divides in the United States, for example: hockey and other winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are very popular in the Northern portion of the country, but have very little presence in the South. For athletes that travel to play against international teams, they would also benefit from having geographic knowledge over the country to which they are traveling to better understand the region, and how that might influence the opposing team’s playing styles and playing tactics.

Geographers at work: Human Geographers, cultural geography, Geographers that specialize in specific countries or regions.

Recommended College Courses: Human Geography, Introduction to Cultural Geography, World Geography, Location Analysis, Regional Geography, Geography of (USA and Canada, South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, etc.)

Skills: Human geography, cultural geography, interpersonal skills, communication skills

Occupation Group: Entertainment and Sports


Learn more about Athletes and Sports Competitors from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Department of Labor: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/personal-care-and-service/childcare-workers.htm#tab-2

Written by Ally Schlandt