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Assistant/Associate Movie/TV Producer

Assistant/Associate Movie/TV Producer

Assistant/Associate Movie/TV Producer

Main Topic: Places and Regions
Secondary Topic: Human Geography

Overview: Assistant or associate producers help create movies or television shows to interpret scripts for entertainment or information. They work with producers, directors, and location managers to find the appropriate sites for shooting scenes. In movie productions, they may be referred to as line producers that manage the daily operations. Assistant producers for TV shows are given specific duties by the head or executive producer, including managing the location. These jobs can be local, national, or international based and usually require travel for at least part of the year. Assistant producers need to navigate the needs of the production and requirements based on the location for permits and safety.  Geography can help assistant produces in understanding the need for sites and navigating the necessities for a creative production.  Assistant and associate produces tend to work for entertainment companies or as contractors and these jobs are expected to grow in the next ten years.

Geographers at work: Human geographers, Urban geographers, Regional geographers, Historical geographers,

Recommended College Courses: Introduction to Cultural Geography, World Geography, Urban Geography, Community and Regional Planning, Cultural and Political Ecology, Cities and Urban Design, Location Analysis, American Ethnic Geography,

Skills: Human resources management, Qualitative methods, Landscape and location analysis, Local geography, Environmental mapping,

Occupation Group: Entertainment and Sports

Learn more about Assistant or Associate Movie and TV Producers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Department of Labor: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/entertainment-and-sports/producers-and-directors.htm


Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm