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Cartographers and Photogrammetrist

Cartographers and Photogrammetrist

Cartographers and Photogrammetrist 

Main Topic: Physical Geography
Secondary Topic: Places and Regions 

Overview: Cartographers collect geographic data to create visual representation of the data. This job also involves examining and compiling data from ground surveys, reports, aerial photographs, and satellite images. Using the data collected they will prepare maps in digital and graphic forms for many purposes or update existing maps and charts. They use a variety of technologies to collect and transform the data including GIS, LIDAR, remote sensing, and GPS. Cartographers and photogrammetrists can develop online and mobile maps since interactive maps are popular. Many cartographers and photogrammetrists work for government agencies including jobs in national security and public safety. Demand for accurate and reliable maps is high and expected to increase with growing market for mobile and web-based maps.

Photogrammetrists perform image assessment, point selection, mensuration, triangulation, orthorectification, dynamic range adjustments, and processing in order to produce image products. They increase the relative and absolute positioning accuracy of imagery from sensors to support mono and stereo exploitation. These analysts assess, evaluate, and extract elevation data from stereo imagery. They provide in-depth technical expertise to customers, review products, and ensure that final products can be generated to meet customers' accuracy requirements. 

Geographers at work: GIS Specialist, Remote Sensing Specialist, Physical Geographers, Human Geographers, Cartographers

Recommended College Courses: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems, Advanced GIS, Remote Sensing, Quantitative Methods, Cartography, Computer Science, Maps and Mapmaking, Web Mapping, GPS and GIS 

Skills: Cartography, GIS, GPS, LIDAR, Remote Sensing, Scripting, Computer Programming, geospatial technology, Environmental Mapping, Environmental Modeling, Software Customization, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, location analysis, working with census data 

Occupation Group: Architecture and Engineering

Learn more about Cartographers and Photogrammetrist  from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Department of Labor:

Written by Christopher Hinojosa