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Interviews with Non-Professional Geographers

Interviews with Non-Professional Geographers

Non-geographically trained professionals work in a variety of different fields and use geographic knowledge and skills to complete their job. Here are some individuals who don't have a degree in geography, but still use it everyday.

Spotlight: Airforce Pilot - Kamil Rybinski, Poland
Spotlight: CEO of AMPI (Associated Milk Producers Incorporated) - Sheryl Meshke, New Ulm, Minnesota
Spotlight: HRM Coast Guard - Paul Turner, Scotland
Spotlight: Farmer - Brent Meshke, Good Thunder, Minnesota
Spotlight: Fashion CEO of Fashion by and Entrepreneur - Matt Swinney, Austin, Texas
Spotlight: Firefighter/EMT - Aaron Ward, San Marcos, Texas
Spotlight: Musician and Educator - Lee Redfield, Austin, Texas
Spotlight: Nature Warden - Paul Turner and Claire Foote Turner, Scotland
Spotlight: Wildland Firefighter - Paul Turner, Scotland