Water Right Specialist

Water Right Specialist 

Main Topic: Places and Regions
Secondary Topic: Environment and Society 

Overview: As a Water Right Specialist, you will review and interpret water right files; review and interpret water use data including aerial photos, metering data, land use, and crop records; conduct field investigations, including estimation of water use, well inspections, streamflow monitoring, and a range of related activities to support water resource projects; perform simple to complex quantitative spreadsheet analyses; produce presentations of technical information to state and local agencies and the public; and create technical reports. Some preferred qualifications include: Ability to collect interpret complex water policy and legal issues, including a high level of attention to detail and thorough documentation; practical knowledge of GIS/CAD, data entry and management using excel and database software, and field data collection and analysis methods; strong quantitative and analytical skills; clear writing and communication skills. 

Geographers at work: Physical Geographers, Environmental Geographers, Geographic Information Systems Specialists, Water Resource Specialists 

Recommended College Courses: Physical Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Environmental Management, Quantitative Methods, Human Geography, Regional Geography, Qualitative Methods 

Skills: Geographic Information Science, Quantitative Methods, Remote Sensing, Field Methods 

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Written by Christopher Hinojosa