Travel Agent

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Written by Daria Andrievskikh

Overview: Travel agents make travel arrangements for other people, including booking hotels and tours, arranging flights or other transportation. Often travel agents need to choose a destination and create an itinerary based on the client’s preferences and conditions. Travel agents provide information about foreign places and assist clients in organizing their trips accordingly to their socio-economic and demographic status. Besides excellent communication and research skills, travel agents must possess geographic knowledge.

Geographers at Work: Geographic knowledgeable includes the location of the unique sights; physical geography features (mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, and glaciers); potential hazards that can be dangerous to travelers; weather and climate; transportation routes. Cultural and regional geography provides a travel agent with the knowledge about the history, languages, traditions, socio-economic and political characteristics of a destination.

Skills: Transportation, location analysis, weather and climate, cartography and GIS, regional geography, environmental assessment, working with census data, statistics.

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Overview: Travel agents help plan and sell vacations to client. They plan and sell transportation, accommodations, and insurance to clients looking to travel.

Geographers at Work: Travel agents must be very familiar with geography in order to be successful and create the perfect vacation for their clients. They must be familiar with the activities available to the client in the location, as well as the amenities and transportation. A great travel agent is knowledgeable of the cultural of many places and is able to prepare their client for their dream vacation, so they do not have to worry.

Skills: Cultural geography. Human geography.