Sales: Outdoor Equipment

environement - physical

Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: The world has become a urban society. Millions of urban dwellers long for the outdoors. They love outdoor sports, hiking, hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, trekking, water sports, golfing, running and walking, just to name a few activities. Most big store chains stock equipment for outdoor sports. Bass Pro Shop and Cebelas are large chains that stock every possible products needed for outdoor sports and reccreational activities. A well trained workforce is needed for these commericial outlets and it would be best if these sales people would have a bakground in geography, especially environment and society.

Geographers at work: Many specialists are needed as sales people that should know state laws and the local area. They need to understand equipment, including hunting guns, fishing, and others.

Skills: An understanding of the outdoor environment, particularly from the standpoint of recreation and sports. Mapping. Weather and climate. Descriptive information on resorts and outdoor activities.