Recreation Consultant

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Overview: A recreation consultant will wear many hats as part of their roles as advisor and planner, including land use management, wildlife conservation and environmental assessment skills. A job description for a recreation consultant at the beginning of his or her career entails: Develop deep knowledge of federal and local laws on environmental protection and provide stakeholders with advice on how to adhere to these laws; Review building and construction plans and provide input on their environmental impact and adherence to local environmental regulations; Assist in the planning of recreational facilities and amenities; Develop feasibility studies, site reports and other documentation ahead of development of a site; Provide counsel as to feasibility of leisure activities, as well as a potential business plan for revenue generating activities. The role of a recreational consultant requires many different skills. Part of this will be environmental, part of it will be business and part of it will be related to planning.

Geographers at work: Physical Geographers, Human Geographers

Skills: Environment Management, Regional Geography, Physical/Human Geography, Economic Geography


Written by Christopher Hinojosa