Petroleum Land Manager

physical - environment

Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: The oil and gas industry needs people to search for and lease land in which the mineral rights might include substantial amounts of oil and/or natural gas. Leasing mineral rights to parcels of land is a critical job in areas where oil and gas fields are found. For example Land Management jobs are plentiful in the Permian Basin in Texas or in the Eagle-Ford region southeast of San Antonio.

Geographers at work: These people develop and use GIS and mapping skills. They are also able to read and interpret a geological map for underground resources and a surface map for roads, utility easements and human settlement. These people work very independently but with a continuous link to one or more oil and gas firms.

Skills: GIS, Geospatial technology. Geology. Business economies. Sales. Ability to read and understand real estate contracts.