Petroleum Land Manager

physical - environment

Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: Petroleum land managers work in the field. Their responsibility is to contact land owners in order to secure drilling rights to oil and gas resources located underground on the individual's property. They work for oil companies that are interested in expanding oil fields and doing so by buying drilling rights. Land managers spend a lot of time working in municipal or county offices to determine who owns what parcel of land.

Land managers usually work alone in the field and they spend a lo of time talking to land owners about a partnership with oil and gas exploration companies. Land managers were very prominent in the opening of the vast shale oil fiends of the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico and Eagle Ford in southeast of San Antonio.

Geographers at work: Understanding local and state geography is very important. Studying human geography is critical since you will be communicating with people from many different cultures. You will probably have to attend an oilfield geography program to get you ready ready for this job.

Skills: Good verbal and communication skills are important. You need to understand GIS and the intricacies of oil field maps.