Optimizing the Express Delivery Plan in an Online Shopping Festival

Optimizing the Express Delivery Plan in an Online Shopping Festival  

Main Topic: Places and Regions
Secondary Topic: Human Geography  

 OverviewThe Double-11 shopping festival in China (like Black Friday in US) results in a huge number of packages every year, leaving a big challenge and pressure to the express delivery industry during that period. Unlike Amazon having storehouses almost in every city, the sellers in China are concentrated in Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, while their customers are throughout the country. It is necessary to make a better express delivery plan to improve the delivery efficiency and release the couriers’ pressureAnalyzing the sales of products in different places from data of previous years. Increasing shipping warehouses in some cities of intensive shopping history. Optimizing the shipping schedule and adjusting shipping paths. 

Geographers at Work: Human and Physical Geographers 

Recommended College Courses: Quantitative Methods, Human and Physical Geography, Geographic Information Systems 

Skills: GIS, data analysis, logistics, managing. 

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Written by Ben Wong