Market Manager for Professional Sports Teams

human - places

Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: Major sports teams (baseball, football, basketball, and soccer) need people with excellent backgrounds in human geography to guide their marketing (ticket sales) programs including all types of community organization attendance at games. There needs to be a close relationship between sports teams and groups that see attendance at games as an outreach activity for their organization, whether it is the Boy Scouts, military veterans, church or school groups, or any other family or group sports fans. Human geographers are likely to know where these groups are concentrated in both urban and suburban areas and how to interface with them and link them permanently into the fan base of the various teams.

Geographers at work: A good background in human geography is essential. Understanding the spatial aspects of religion, socio-economic status, education and historical connections to sports is important. Geographers also need to be able to use maps to generate market areas for various sports.

Skills: Communication skills are very important, especially using social media, TV and radio.