Location Manager

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Overview: Location managers are responsible for finding appropriate sites for filming, realistic venues for different parts of an upcoming movie. This means scouting out communities, buildings, natural and human made environments that will lend authenticity to the film. They must negotiate with local authorities to get approval to film, to block off traffic (cars and humans) and to after the urban or rural landscape.

Location managers negotiate with local authorities over police and fire protection, accident liability, and site availability. They must early on become experts in the nature of the various locales that will become part of the movie, that will give the film the look of reality.

Geographers at work: There are thousands of geographers working in the movie industry. Most of them play some role in selecting sites for filming. They also negotiate contracts between movie production companies and local communities for time, space, and institutional and citizen cooperation.

Skills: Great knowledge of the local landscape, both human and environmental. Preparation of useful documents. Negotiating expertise. Making sure each scene is pure, uncluttered by incorrect visual backgrounds.