Powerful Geography



Main Topic: Physical Geography
Secondary Topic: Environment and Society 

OverviewHydrologists study water on and under the Earth’s surface. They observe how water impacts the environment and how changes to the environment can impact water levels as well as the water quality in an area. Geographers make good hydrologists because they have an understanding on how physical geography of a region can impact water levels. They also are familiar with how society can have an impact on both water levels and water quality. A good hydrologist must have a firm understanding of the social/political and physical sides of water issues, and geographers would be well versed in both of those.  

Geographers at Work: Physical Geographers, Human Geographers 

Recommended College Courses: Physical Geography, Geographic Information Science, Environmental Management, Human Geography, Regional Geography 

Skills: Environmental Geography. Water quality management. Climatology and meteorology. Resource management. 

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