Powerful Geography
Powerful Geography Job Summaries

Powerful Geography Job Summaries

Job Summaries: 

The Powerful Geography 'Job Summaries' below show how geography is embedded in a vast array of jobs delineated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook. Each includes a brief overview, geographers at work, recommended college courses, and the skills needed. We hope that you can refer to these during a geography, science, or social studies lesson to show your students how geography is so important in our everyday lives and that they too can become "geographers" no matter what their aspirations may be.

*Please note that having just a geography degree does not mean you are qualified for these jobs and can get this job, as there are other degrees and skills required*

A complete list of Job Summaries can be found in the link below or feel free to browse the categories.

Occupation Groups

Jobs include landscape architects, environmental engineers, surveyors, cartographers, petroleum land workers.

Jobs include fashion designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, art directors, special effects artists and animators.

Jobs include landscaper, grounds maintenance workers, pest control workers.

Jobs include event planners, human resource specialists, logistics manager, insurance investigators.

Jobs include community garden coordinators, community health workers, social and human service assistants.

Jobs include GIS analysts, GIS project developers, computer and information research scientists, geomatics plan technicians.

Jobs include public works inspector, solar placement technician, zoning inspector.

Jobs include community resilience and mitigation planners, humanitarian program manager.

Jobs include geography teacher, librarian, historic preservationist, special education teacher.

Jobs include movie and television producers, location managers, producers and directors, music directors and composers, dancers and choreographers.

Jobs include farmer, agricultural extension supervisor, forest conservation technicians.

Jobs include bartenders, waiters and waitresses, chefs and head cooks, food preparation workers.

Jobs include lobbyists, diplomats, political consultants.

Jobs include greenhouse gas reduction specialists, recycling and reclamation workers, environmental remediation, electric vehicles.

Jobs include first responders, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), occupational health and safety specialist, nurses, physician, doctor.

Jobs include automobile repair and mechanics, HVAC installers and mechanics, line installers and repairers, wind turbine technicians.

Jobs include arbitrators, mediators, conciliators, lawyers, judges, paralegals and legal assistants.

Jobs include climate change analyst, climatologists, environmental consultant, epidemiologist, ecologist, hydrologist, meteorologist, geologist, seismologist, oceanographer, urban and regional planner, watershed manager.

Jobs include city emergency service coordinator, market manager for sport teams, nuclear emergency planning, real estate developer, recreation consultant.

Jobs include actuary, mathematician, statisticians, operations research analysts, statistical analyst.

Jobs include technical writer, journalist, photographers, editors, reporters, writers and authors, interpreters and translators.

Jobs include combat engineer, geospatial engineer, military intelligence officer, human intelligence collector, aviation operations specialist, army medic, infantry officer.

Jobs include commodities shipper, research assistants, 911 dispatchers, postal service workers, bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, financial clerks, secretaries and administrative assistants.

Jobs include hair stylists, barbers, fitness instructors, cosmetologists, animal care workers, childcare workers, recreation workers.

Jobs include power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers, water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators.

Jobs include fire inspectors, firefighters, police officers, private investigators, security guards.

Jobs include sales representatives, real estate agents, travel agents, advertising sales agent, models.

Jobs include air traffic controllers, pilot, flight attendant, delivery drivers, truck drivers, transportation planner.

Jobs include ecotourism guides, fishing guides, planners.