Humanitarian Program Manager

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Overview: Humanitarian programs work to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering. These roles generally see you assigned to a specific country or geographic region, managing new and existing programs in operation in that area. Duties Include: Carrying out analysis of humanitarian situation of your country of operation; Providing accurate information and analysis for implementing development programming; Producing risk analyses for staff working on programs and ensuring staff safety and security protocols are maintained; Managing programs in the field; Developing and managing project objectives; Managing large budgets – project budgets in development can run into the tens of millions; Recruiting local staff; Writing reports and accounts; Ensuring all work is sensitive to local community and gender issues; Working with the UN to develop a succession plan. Many roles in this sector are available through non-governmental organizations and charities.

Geographers at work: Human Geographers

Skills: Cultural Geography, International Relations, Finance


Written by Christopher Hinojosa