Geography Teacher

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Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: There are over a million students taking geography courses in Texas schools each year, and those students are taught by approximately 5,200 teachers. There are also geography teachers in community colleges and professors in universities. There is a fairly high turnover in these jobs so your chances of getting a position as a geography teacher are quite good.

To be a geography teacher, a student must go to college and get certified to teach. Usually, this means a social studies composite certification. That means you can teach history, civics, and economics in addition to geography. Texas and the U.S. needs well educated and excited geography teachers.

Geographers at work: Across the United States there are Geographic Alliances located on university campuses, for example the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education is located at Texas State University. The Texas Alliance, like many others, provides teachers with lesson plans, maps, and in-service training.

Skills: Must be familiar with the state and national geography standards.