Fishing Guides

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Overview: Game fishing is one of America’s biggest and most popular outdoor sports. It is supported by large commercial outlets like Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops. Think in terms of boats, equipment, clothing, lures, sunglasses, electronic sensors, motors, hooks, links, and baits (live and artificial). Maybe most important of all is the professional fisherman who can locate fish in rivers, lakes, and the ocean and then lead the casual anglers to the “hot spot” and a successful outing.

Geographers at Work: Usually a local outdoor person very familiar with water resources, weather, climate and with a long history of successful fishing. Usually has adequate equipment including a boat. Other personnel would include booking agents, fish cleaning and handling establishments, and persons with shipping knowledge and experience.

Skills: Knowledge of the local area; knowledge of the water resources and where the fish hang out; be able to work all of the underwater sonar that is used to locate schools of fish; mechanic skills with reference to boats, motors, and fishing equipment; booking/advertising skills.