First Responders

environment - places

Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: A geography background is essential for all first responders, e.g. fire, police, and EMS. A knowledge of the local place, its history, the nature of the local citizens, a knowledge of all environmental ordinance/guidelines both human and physical are important. First responders must know routes, street capacity, public works systems (sewers, electricity, water) and the work and living habits of citizens. Mapping information is critical.

Geographers at work: Geographers and those with a geography background work as firemen, policemen, and Emergency Management Services personnel. They work for urban governments, transportation authorities, and utility companies. Many large companies hire geographers to enforce environmental guidelines and to manage accidents that threaten citizens and the environment.

Skills: Knowledge of the local environment. Mapping. Must be physically fit. Study threat analysis. Understands emergency procedures.