Decontamination Technicians

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Overview: Decontamination technicians may perform work under rigorous conditions in a laboratory environment, or in the field if there has been a spill or contamination that needs to be addressed. While the role might appear different, decontamination techs adhere to rigorous procedures as well as tight deadlines. Below are some of the jobs that may be required from day to day in the field: Undertake lab or field tests and surveys to collect data on the immediate conditions; Identify sources of pollution or contamination; Classify and evaluate sources of pollution and the effects of such; Clean, test, calibrate and maintain lab and field decontamination tools; Perform sampling activities to provide report data; Assis in health and safety programming; Prepare reports for review by senior staff. Decontamination technician managers are adept at solving problems, combatting novel contamination situations using innovative and exacting processes. These individuals may find themselves with a team reporting to them, and will likely encounter the following in their scope of duties: Manage training for work groups and end-users to conform to initial processing stages; Manage manufacturer relationships for instrument parameters; Analyze and approve protocols for identifying and managing problems as they occur; Participate in safety and infection control policy creation or updates; Obtain and monitor data reports.

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Written by Christopher Hinojosa