Citizen Action – Community Diversity

human - places

Overview: Urban environments are embracing a wider and wider diversity of citizens. Populations include people of different religions, national origins, socio-economic status’, education, cultural peculiarities, race, age and generational differences, and sexual identities and expressions. Seldom can you find an Italian city, a Hispanic city, or an Irish city. Runaway migration to this country has aggravated this situation even further.

Geographers at Work: Human geographers study the nature and geographic location of people and groups of people. Where did they come from? What are their needs? What are the urban facilities that are available to support such a diverse group of people? How does an urban area provide for such a diverse mixture of people? Do existing urban guidelines fit this new cross-section of humanity. There is a great need for geographers in managing the new urban environments.

Skills: Data collection and analysis. Mapping. Economic and social provisions. Urban taxation. Emergency services.

Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm