Assistant/Associate Movie/TV Producer

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Written by Dr. Richard G. Boehm

Overview: Assistant or Associate Producers in the movie or TV business are very active in using local geography. They work with Producers, Directors, and Location Managers to find appropriate sites to shoot a variety of scenes. Some of this work is local, some can be national or international. These jobs require a lot of travel. They often require negotiations with municipal or county authorities and often require shutting down buildings, streets, or service facilities in order to shoot scenes. In international settings these people either need to speak a foreign language or they need to be able to find the right people who speak English. These jobs require very creative people and often the success of the film or video depends on their work.

Geographers at Work: Geographers are naturally talented for these jobs because they are sensitive to the nature/characteristics of local places. Geographer Kit Salter has said "Every place has a story" and this is true. It is also true that every story needs the perfect place as a background, be it a neighborhood, a bank lobby, a school, a restaurant, agricultural field, ski resort, or a port for cruise ships!

Skills: mapping, local place geography, city histories, transport routes, and other unique local scenes.